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Telebat Introduction

Secure Chatting App with Independent Server

Telebat —— a secure communication platform that can deploy an independent server. It offers App client both iOS and Android versions. Customers install the Telebat server program to any computer on Windows or Linux OS, all of their users' messages, files, audios, and videos are transferring by their Telebat server. therefore, by deploying the Telebat independent system, enterprises', companies', and even the governments' data can not be monitored by any other organization.

Deploy Independent Chatting Server

We offer the whole system both Server ( Linux and Windows ) and Client ( Android、iOS ) programs,you may deploy your server to let all of your users log in a secure and independent server.

Data Safety, Ent-to-end Encryption

All of the data are saving on your server only, with no interaction with other programs or company, therefore, your data can not be analyzed with any kind of Big Data. Messages transferring with end-to-end encryption.

User Privacy Protection

Telebat does not collect any user's data even the client Apps will not need to access the phone contact list. Telebat uses friendship mode to let the user manage their contacts.

Linux High-performance Server Platform

Due to deploy independent server and load more online users,we offered high-performance and steady server program with Linux OS version, its deployment is very simple and configurations are in a user-friendly way.

Customize your personalized Telebat

Customize stickers, config the sticker package in the server, and all of the clients can download it easily

Customize user interface theme, config the themes in the server, all clients can change App theme easily.

With our VIP version, you even can customize the App's ICON, App's product name and so on.

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Android Telebat

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iOS Telebat

Beta 15

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Telebat Server

Linux Server - Beta 9

Linux deploy guidance [ Beta 9 ]

Windows Server coming soon

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